ᐅ Coleus Plants | How to Grow Coleus Plants

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Coleus Plants | How to Grow Coleus Plants

coleus plantAny container garden is incomplete without the coleus plants. Magnificent colors of this plant add a totally different look to the garden. These days technological applications like tissue culture and propagation techniques have enhanced ease of growing these plants in growing numbers. You can easily give your home container garden an exciting look with coleus plants.

Gardeners also know that taxonomical genesis of the coleus plant has its Latin name as Solenostemon, but it’s currently called Plectranthus scutellarioides.

Gardeners love to grow coleus plants as annuals. Coleus is tender perennials and can be overwintered indoors. Large plants tend to “age” rather quickly when brought inside and are prone to disease. The easiest way to propagate them is to take cuttings that root in water in a flash – about 3 to 5 days.

Lovely leaves of coleus have single colors, but quite often you’ll find their wildly variegated leaves covered in splotches and splashes and spots and dots of vivid colors that provide nonstop color throughout the season.

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Coleus leaves usually have a blue color. The tiny blue or white flowers that cover narrow spikes are inconsequential and drain energy from the plants.

The leaves will also grow in a huge range of sizes and shapes, from the large lettuce-leafed ‘Kong’ varieties to tiny duck foot shapes. The ‘Under the Sea’ collection resembles ocean seaweed that might inhabit the world of SpongeBob.

When you are buying the coleus plant in a garden store you must prefer color and size with the same importance. Coleus plants could range in height from 6 to 36 inches.

Coleus plants traditionally have been preferred by the gardeners as a shade plant. However, you will find several new varieties that do well in sun Prefer shopping coleus plant in 41/2-inch pots. There are more than 300 other beautiful coleus varieties available today.

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